Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Jean Kapata has Directed the Director of Forestry to serve Eviction Notices to People that have Encroached the 473 Forest Reserves and Protected areas with immediate effect.


Ms. Kapata said Settlements, Cultivation and Mining are some of the Activities taking place in the Affected Forest Reserves Across the Country.


She says those affected will not be Compensated by the Government stating that they have been Conducting their Activities without a Permit or Licence.


Ms. Kapata has told a Media Briefing that for those that are Cultivating Various Crops, have been Directed to Move after Harvesting their Crops of the Current Growing Season.


Ms. Kapata says the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources will Collaborate with other Agencies to ensure that this is Adhered to.

She also Indicated that she will soon be Issuing a Community Forest Management Statutory Instrument in the First Quarter of this Year.


Ms. Kapata says this will Allow Local Communities to Participate in Sustainable Forest Management.


 JANUARY 22, 2018       

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