Zambia has been advised to Promote Discussions on Corruption in a bid to hold Culprits Accountable and Prevent Acts Perpetrating the Vice.


Speaking at a Workshop Aimed at Eradicating Corruption, Finish Ambassador to Zambia; Timol Olkkonen; observes that the on-going Debates on Mismanagement of Funds ought to be embraced through Discussions.


Speaking at the same Event; Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Vice President; Mr. Stephen Mwansa has emphasized that  Public Services should be in a Transparent and Accountable  Manner to Reduce Poverty and Vulnerability of Citizens.


And Ministry of Community Development and Social Services  Permanent Secretary; Reverend Howard Sikwela indicated that they are doing their best to Promote Accountability under the Social Cash Transfer.


The Workshop is being Held Under the Theme: “Promoting Integrity Transparency and Accountability in Poverty and Vulnerability Reduction Programs”.


FEBRUARY 12, 2018

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