Zambia Chamber of Mines President, Nathan Chishimba has pointed out Inefficiencies in the Statutory Instrument, Cited as the Railways Regulations, 2018, to Compel 30 Per Cent of Bulky and Heavy Cargo to be Transported by Rail.


Mr Chishimba said the Transshipment and Warehousing of Copper is Strictly Governed by Companies’ Insurers and Banks; Companies will be Unable to Comply without their support.


He Explained that but as yet No Efforts have been made to reassure Insurers of Zambia Railways Limited’s Capacity, Arrangements for Additional Warehousing at Railheads, and the Security of Cargo in the event of Derailments.


He said no Independent Assessments of Zambia Railways Limited’s Capacity had been Undertaken, and no due Diligence or Risk Assessment Reports had been Received from ZRL on Matters such as Rail Line and Cargo Security Measures.


Mr Chishimba says as regards North Western Province; given that there are no Rail Links in the Province, the Majority of its Copper will have to be Road Hauled and then RailFreighed from Chingola.


FEBRUARY 26, 2018

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