Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ); General Secretary; Father Emmanuel Chikoya says the Proposal by Government to Side-Line Chiefs in the Administration of Land will Result in more Citizens being Displaced from their Pieces of Land.


Father Chikoya says so far a lot of Zambians have been Displaced from their Pieces of Land which have been Given to Foreign Investors Whom the Majority are Expatriates.


He says the Church shall always support Actions that are Aimed at Preserving Human Dignity, Adding that the Protest by Traditional Leaders on the Land Policy issue is One Example which must be supported by Every Well-Meaning Zambian.


And Father Chikoya has Opposed Government’s Proposal to Remove some Details from National Registration Cards as a Way of Eliminating Tribalism in Zambia.


He says Tribalism can Instead be Eliminated by Dealing with the Causes which he says among them Include Selfishness mostly by Politicians.


MARCH 3, 2018


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