The Jesuit Centre For Theological Reflections (JCTR) says the Fish Ban will Affect the Cost of Fish Products thus Increase the Cost of Living.


The Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock has Extended the Fishing Ban from 1st March to 30th April 2018 as a Preventive Measure against Outbreaks of Cholera Epidemic in the Country.


Centre Social and Economic Development; Programme Officer; Chanda Chileshe is of the view that Stringent Measures should be put in Place During this Period to Prevent Future Cholera Outbreaks in the Fishing Regions so that Extensions such as this one can be Avoided.


Chileshe has Advised the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock to Promote Fish Farming as this will Lessen Dependency on the Major Fisheries.


He added that Fish Farming will Create Employment, Limit Overfishing, improve on Yields, Prevent Extinction and most likely Reduce Cost of Living because Kapenta and Fish Highly Affect the JCTR Monthly Food Basket.


MARCH 13, 2018

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