Agricultural Customers have been Advised to take Advantage of Zesco’s Time Of Use Tariff Plan to Maximize Production and Reduce on the Electricity Cost of Production.


The Power Utility Firm says this is because the Time-Of-Use Tariff Plan Features Prices that Vary by Time Period, being Higher in Peak Periods and Lower in Off-Peak Periods.


The Firm says Using Electricity at Off-Peak Hours When the Grid Demand is Low Allows Customers to take Advantage of Reduced Electricity Rates Which Enables them to Reduce or Control their Costs and the Savings can be Translated into Business Growth.


Zesco Public Relations Manager, Mrs. Hazel Zulu has told 5FM Radio that this implies that Maximum Demand and Agricultural Customers who Deliberately Shift Production Hours from Standard to Off Peak Periods will enjoy Lower Prices of up to 50 Percent Reduction in Demand Charges and 25 Percent Reduction in Energy Charges in Electricity Bills.


She has encouraged Maximum Demand and Agricultural Customers to take Advantage of the Time Of Use Tariff Plan and Maximize Production during Off Peak Periods to Benefit from Reduced Electricity Rates, Translating into the Profitability of their Businesses.


The Time Of Use Tariff Time Periods are Categorized as Follows:

06:00 Hours to 18:00 Hours – Standard Time, 18:00 Hours to 22:00 Hours – Peak Time and 22:00 Hours to 06:00 Hours – Off-Peak Time


MARCH 26, 2018


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