The Emerald and Semi Precious Stones Mining Association Of Zambia has Condemned the Invading of KAGEM Mine by Armed Illegal Miners.


Association President Mr. Victor Kalesha says they do not Encourage Illegal Activities in the Mining Area, Adding that Some People are Misleading the Youths.


Mr Kalesha says the Channel the Youths have taken is Completely Wrong, Stating that Dumpsite belongs to KAGEM Mine and that Youths cannot take it by Force Unless they Engage the Mine Owners and Come Up with a Win/Win Situation.


He says there should be Sanity and has Advised the Youths to be Calm until the Association Finish Negotiations with KAGEM.


Mr. Kalesha says the Association wants to be on the side of KAGEM and ask the Youths not to Take Law in their Own Hands.


APRIL 3, 2018

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