United Party For National Development; Leader Hakainde Hichilema  has accused President Edgar Lungu and the PF Leadership for Changing Positions on many issues on Dialogue, adding that this does not Surprise the Opposition.


Mr Hichilema says on the issue of Dialogue, President Lungu and his PF Leadership have been Quoted on Several Occasions saying there was no Tension in the Country and have Never seen any need for Dialogue with Anybody. 


He says in a Few Instances they Indicated Willingness for Dialogue, it has been on Condition that they can only Sit with those who Recognize their President as the Republican President Based on the Disputed 2016 Elections Outcome.


Mr. Hichilema has Reiterated that they are Available for Unconditional and Genuine Dialogue in the Spirit of Moving the Country Forward.


Mr Hichilema says Dialogue should be Unconditional and that the UPND is Surprised at the Comments the Head of State made While Meeting with the UN Resident Coordinator, Janet Rogan Yesterday (WEDNESDAY).


APRIL 5, 2018


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