Minister Of Religious Affairs and National Guidance, Reverend Godridah Sumaili this Afternoon (FRIDAY) Met with National Restoration Party Leader, Elias Chipimo Junior and held a Closed Door Meeting Where they Discussed the Importance of National Values.


Later Reverend Sumaili and Mr Chipimo held a Press Briefing at Mr Chipimo’s Office and Disclosed the Agenda of their Meeting.


Reverend Sumaili said that she Wants to See the National Values being Embraced by All Stakeholders and that Political Parties must Respect Cultural Values.


On His Party Mr Chipimo said Unity and Respect are Important, adding that there is need for Political Leaders to Sit Around the Table and Address Issues Affecting the Nation.


Mr Chipimo said there is no need for Political Parties to Abandon the Zambia Centre For Inter-Party Dialogue.


APRIL 20, 2018

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