Zambia like Many African Countries is being Advised to Tighten Legislation in the Labour Sector in view of ensuring Compliance among some Chinese Companies.


According to the recent Report by the African Labour Research Network, a Network that brings together Trade Union-Linked Researchers from All Over Africa has sighted China Jianxi Construction Company Contracted by Government to Expand Kenneth Kaunda International Airport of Infringing the Labour Laws.


It was Observed that Chinese Construction Firms in 8 Countries in Africa were Offering Low Wages and Indecent Work Conditions.


But Professor Li Anshan; Director of Institute of Afro-Asian Studies and Center for African Studies, School of International Studies, Peking University pointed out the need to enhance Translation of Labour Laws into Chinese Language just other African Countries like is the case in Mozambique.


Our Staffer Patrick Soko Reports from Beijing; China that Professor Anshan who is also Vice President of the Chinese Society of African Historical Studies made the Remarks during the on-going Seminar for Renowned Journalists from African Countries.


MAY 13, 2018

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