zambezi drilling company has been slapped with a cessation order of all manner of drilling activities across the country failure to which they will be dragged to court for operating without a drilling licence.

this came to light when a team from the water resources management authority conducted a spot check of western and north-western provinces as well as sensitization activities of the ground water and boreholes regulations.

the warma inspectors on a routine tour of duty found drilling trucks and equipment belonging to zambezi drilling company mobilizing for drilling boreholes around the province.

the trucks and equipment were found around kalumwange area of kaoma district in an unexplained circumstance.

zambezi drilling company through a mr. renga raj, who was immediately taken to task to produce a drilling licence, informed the warma team that he was not aware that they needed to obtain a drilling licence and referred all such queries to his superiors who were further reached by phone.

and warma senior hydrogeologist, mr. levy museteka demanded for a borehole completion report after being told that the company had so far drilled about three boreholes within the area unlawfully.

MAY 22, 2018  

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