The Road Transport and Safety Agency says with effect from 31st September 2018 ,the Agency will not allow the importation of motor vehicles that do not have engine numbers.

Agency Head of Public Relations, Fredrick Mubanga says This follows an influx of newly imported motor vehicles into the country without engine numbers.

To facilitate registration of motor vehicles that were imported before this directive came into effect, the Road Transport and Safety Agency in consultation with all stakeholders resolved that INTERPOL will be investigating if indeed the vehicles in question came without an engine number and later provide a new one and record it in an improvised register.

Mr Mubanga says the Agency and other stakeholders that included Zambia Police, Zambia Bureau of Standards, Zambia Revenue Authority and Motor Dealers resolved that importers should stop buying second hand vehicles without engine numbers.

In this vein, Zambia Bureau of Standards has been asked to advise JEVIC and EEA, the contracting companies on pre-shipment inspection to inform motor vehicle suppliers of this development.

MAY 28, 2018

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