National Restoration Party (NAREP) President; Elias Chipimo has called for the Prosecution of Culprits Cited in the Financial Intelligence Centre Report Released Last Week; as he intends to Write to Law Enforcement Agencies Questioning their Failure to Curb Criminality.


He is Disappointed that Leaders have Focused on Amassing Wealth at the Expense of Uplifting the Livelihoods of the People who are being Faced with Social and Economic Challenges; adding that the PF has become the Enemy of the people.


Mr Chipimo has Questioned the Silence and Lack of Political will to Combat Financial Irregularities.


The Opposition Leader has therefore Reminded Citizens to Hold President Edgar Lungu’s Administration Accountable by Joining NAREP in its National Wide Campaign against Corruption by Appending their Signature on the Petition.


JUNE 4, 2018


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