Government is still Studying the Matter on Whether the Financial Intelligence Centre was Right to Release Raw Information to the Public.


The Center Revealed that in 2017 alone, Zambia Lost 4.5 Billion Kwacha through Financial Crimes, and that such Money has been Laundered.


The Centre Analyzed and Disseminated a Total of 425 Reports to Local Law Enforcement Agencies; and the Majority of Cases were Disseminated on the Grounds of Suspected Tax Evasion and Corruption.


Speaking during a Press Briefing this Afternoon; Information Minister; Dora Siliya says Government is taking Measures to Resolve the ongoing Public Debate on the issue of Recent Annual Financial Intelligence Report.


Meanwhile; Ms. Siliya Expressed Disappointment that Cadres have Continued to Harass the Media as Yesterday some Suspected UPND Cadres Attacked 8 Journalists from the Private Media in Chilanga During the Just ended Parliamentary By-Elections.


JUNE 6, 2018

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