Zambia Water Forum and Exhibition Chairperson; Professor Imasiku Nyambe believes Water is an economic driver and should therefore be top of the development agenda for both government and the country as a whole.


Professor Nyambe says the water-energy-food nexus is important now, going by the challenges countries in the Sub-Saharan Africa region have gone through in meeting the demands due to industrialization.


He adds that investments have risen leading to increased demand for energy as evidenced by the load shedding that Zambia experienced in 2015 to 2017; owing to low water levels.


Professor Nyambe notes that alongside this challenge; is an increase in urbanization through population growth and migration from the rural to urban areas resulting in a sharp demand for water, food and energy.


He adds that the increase in urbanization and population means an increase in food demand for the population not only in Zambia but in the Sub-Saharan Africa.


He says it is against this backdrop that the 7th Zambia Water Forum and Exhibition is being held from 11th to 13th June, 2018 under the theme: “Water as an economic driver: The Water-Energy-Food Nexus from the Sub-Saharan Africa perspective”.


JUNE 11, 2018

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