The Three Church Mother Bodies; Namely the Council of Churches in Zambia, The Evangelical Fellowship of zambia and the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops, say the Nation is going through a Difficult Period Economically, Socially and Politically.


They say that some of the Root Causes of the Social Economic Problems Emanate from Disunity, continued State of Political Tension and the Blatant lack of Political will by Leaders to Address the Root Causes of what is Obtaining.


The Three Church Mother Bodies Stated that many Public Pronouncements have been made by Various Stakeholders Regarding the National Dialogue Process and how it should be moved Forward.


However, the Three Church Mother Bodies have Refused to be Drawn into the Discourse of who should Lead the Process and which other Religious Organisations should be Part and Parcel of the Leadership in Facilitating the Dialogue and Reconciliation.

They say that they Consider Reconciliation as their Duty, Given to them by GOD in Exercising their Mandate in the Prophetic Mission of the Church.


JUNE 27, 2018

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