Twenty seven people died in various road traffic accidents during the just ended 2018 Heroes and Unity Days.


Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo has confirmed to 5FM News in a statement that during the long weekend, the Zambia Police recorded 300 road traffic accidents as compared to 310 recorded in 2017 during the same period, hence recording a reduction by 10 road traffic accidents.


Ms Katongo explains that out of the 300 road traffic accidents, 24 were fatal in which 27 people died compared to last year where 26 people died, 41 were serious road traffic accidents with 113 people sustaining serious injuries compared to 56 persons injured in 2017.


Ms Katongo says this shows an increase on the injured by 57, 64 were slight road traffic accidents in which 86 people were slightly injured compared to 82 persons that were slightly injured in 2017 while 171 were damages only road traffic accidents compared to 176 recorded during the same period last year showing a decrease by 05 road traffic accidents.


She says Lusaka Province recorded 105 road traffic accidents with one  death and five people seriously injured, Copperbelt had 56 road traffic accidents with five deaths and 22 seriously injured, Central Province had 27 road traffic accidents with three deaths and 10 seriously injured, Eastern had 29 road traffic accidents with five deaths and four seriously injured.


She adds that Southern had 24 road traffic accidents with two deaths and 21 seriously injured, Luapula had 14 road traffic accidents with four deaths and 29 seriously injured, North Western had 15 road traffic accidents with one death and seven seriously injured, Western had 12 road traffic accidents with three people killed and two left with serious injuries.


Ms Katongo reviews that Northern had 8 accidents with one death and five seriously injured while Muchinga Province recorded 10 road traffic accidents with two (02) deaths and eight (08) seriously injured.


The Police Spokesperson concludes that most of the accidents were as a result of excessive speed, misjudging clearance distance and failing to keep to the lane.


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