Minister of Justice Given Lubinda


Justice minister, Given Lubinda is optimistic that the constitution refinement process will be concluded before the end of 2019.


And Mr. Lubinda says this is in order to avoid the process coinciding with 2021 general election. 


He says holding the process alongside the polls might lead to the politicization of the agenda.


And Mr. Lubinda said the current Constitution had so many inconsistencies because it was not subjected to expert eyes.


“I would like to make a few things clear. What is it that we are aiming at doing with this process? We are not for instance, going to look at the fundamental principles of the Constitution. We will not use this process to temper with the fundamental principles of governance. We will not temper with the separation of power between the Executive, the Judiciary and Legislature. We have no power to do that.”   Mr. Lubinda explained .



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