The Zambia National Farmers Union has expressed disappointment over the statement by the Food Reserve Agency suggesting that the Farmer’s Body was consulted to arrive at the 65 kwacha price for a 50 kilogram bag of maize.  


At a media briefing held on Friday 20th July 2018, Food Reserve Agency Board Chairperson Joe Simachela said that  ZNFU and other stakeholders were consulted. 


In a statement to 5FM News, Union President Jervis Zimba says they were never consulted on this matter, adding that a formal complaint will be launched with Government. 


Mr. Zimba explained that the Maize floor price is too little thereby discouraging maize Farming.


He has since called for unhampered functioning of market conditions and open borders adding that consistency in the export of Agriculture commodities must be attained.  


He says when government restates that Zambia is open for maize exports; it will motivate private sector participation in maize marketing.


The Union also appealed to the Ministry of Agriculture to expedite the issuance of export permits for the surplus crop so that farmers can find alternative markets.

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