Chileya Lungowe Munalula

Cool calm and collected! She has been with 5fm Radio since 2010. Just as the name “Coco” evokes images of a designer label, “Coco” weaves the airwaves with an array of music interspersed with her silky voice to produce an experience truly designed for the listener. Haute-couture! Her material? Soul, Jazz pop rock and 90’s. She began her broadcasting career with a Lusaka based private radio station in 2005 before moving to another one in Kitwe in 2009. She has hosted game shows on National Television as well as presenting live from the red carpet on television for national musical video shows. She is a founder of an organisation for single mothers in a bid to teach single mothers about their human rights, legal rights and their children’s rights.

Grace Msimuko

A suave voice on air, Grace is a self motivated diverse radio icon and Senior Producer. She is also a, newscaster, presenter. Early in her career she worked as a banker and marketer before she joined the government owned radio and television station as a continuity announcer, commercial marketer and newscaster. She has also worked for other private radio and television stations in advertising, news production and news casting. Her musical menu as a DJ is a delectable gourmet platter of urban, jazz, soul and oldies from the 80’s. Enjoy!

Ricky Banda

“Ricky B” is a national legend. His voice and choice selection of music has consistently permeated the national airwaves both on radio and television. He began his broadcasting career in 1973 with the national broadcaster where he honed his skills for over 20 years. He has trained in radio and television production courses in Germany, Egypt and Japan. “Ricky B” joined 5fm Radio in 2008 and has a prodigious and varied following. His charm and congenial personality over the airwaves is infectious, extending his range of popularity from bus drivers and call boys to Judges and senior government officials. Ricky’s speciality is “Rumbles of Rhumba” a classic mix of Rhumba music from yester–years as well as our own Zambian vintage “Kalindula Music”.

Michael Njobvu

Michael has been with 5fm Radio from inception. Apart from being a DJ he is an accomplished newscaster and presenter. He developed an interest in broadcasting and music in his formative years. By late 90’s his passion to work in the media was fired up after joining Zambia’s first privately owned radio station as a trainee newscaster for community news. He later joined a Catholic radio station with which he was tasked with creative production and script writing, and eventually became the lead on air announcer. “DJ Mitch” He presents breakfast shows on 5fm Radio from 6am to 10am His music genre is country music and adult contemporary music. He is 5fm’s very own sheriff of the airwaves with a captive audience!

Allan Mvula

Apart from being a DJ, he is also 5fm Programmes Manager. He has been in broadcasting for over 15 years having previously served as a TV Presenter with Zambia’s national broadcaster and Programmes Manager for another private Radio Station. He is also an accomplished Master of Ceremony, Voice over Artist and Entertainer. “Let’s Boogie!” DJ Life’ entertains with a classic repertoire of sounds from the 80’s and 90’s.

Kalenga Nkonge

“Daddy O” as he is commonly known is a smooth operator. His smooth conversational style on radio has listeners glued to the radio on Sunday evenings. He specialises in soul, jazz and alternative music. Kalenga is a qualified Journalist and also studied Protocol, Diplomacy and Public Relations. He loves radio and music. He strives to excel in all that his heart, mind and hands set out to do.

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