October 21, 2017
October 24, 2017


Proflight understands International trade as an engine of growth that propels economic growth and provides attractive fares to facilitate this says the airline’s Chief Administrative Officer and Corporate Secretary.
Speaking at a stakeholders meeting recently, Proflight’s Chitalu Kabalika explained that when transport costs are significant – such as the case with landlocked Zambia – users of the outputs of an industry will benefit from an easily accessible location to save on these costs.
“Transport costs and a dynamic regional network in any business play a vital role in the realisation of a sustainable economy. Therefore, Proflight provides reliable access to Lusaka, Durban and the wider KwaZulu Natal province through direct routes,” Mr Kabalika enlightened.
“Proflight’s track record in efficiency, safety, reliability and its regional network provide and improve access to different locations for businesses and individuals, for both merchandise and personal movements.

This enhances connections between businesses and their suppliers, between businesses and other businesses, and between businesses and their markets,” Mr Kabalika articulated.
Mr Kabalika added that the Zambian-owned airline believed in Zambia’s trade development and was proud to have contributed to the attainment of an export share to South Africa valued at K197.6 million in June 2017 alone.
“In 2016, trade between Zambia and South Africa reached over US$1.5 billion. We believe that Proflight’s attractive rates to Durban and the wider Kwazulu Natal area are a positive and essential ingredient in levelling Zambia’s trade in-balance without compromising professionalism, reliability, efficiency, and safety fitting all sorts of budgets,” Mr Kabalika said.
“Proflight lives up to being ‘plane smart’ by providing distinguished service in the delivery of quality aviation packages, thus proactively helping Zambia attain an award in excellent performance in 2016, a global accolade given by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), beating Togo and Egypt,” Mr Kabalika explained.
Mr Kabalika also explained that its attention to service quality makes Proflight the most attractive airline to link the two cities, providing people with access to workplaces, schools and shops as well as connecting them to social, recreational, community and medical facilities for personal and leisure activities in Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal and the rest of the Southern African region.

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